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Has it really been over a year since I began this blog?

Good grief!

I know I procrastinate but that’s a bit ridiculous!

Actually, I’m on LiveJournal, MySpace, Twitter and I have a blog setup in memory of my Mother (see the M.O.M.M. link over there on the right), and a couple more journals/blogs. Plus, I’m in school so I rarely have time to sit down and really ‘journal’ my thoughts other than brief updates about happenings in my life. Not really soul-searching/in depth revelations of my life but they allow me to communicate with friends I don’t get to see that often.

Still though, I’ve been feeling the need recently to actually write more than FYI type posts. I want to express more about what I’m going through in my life and maybe this is the place to do that, I’m not sure. My intention for this blog was to check it out to see if I wanted to use it but since I haven’t been using it I still have no clue. I like adding the pages I’ve added – makes it more like a website than ‘just a blog’, but then I have websites already, just not a blog on those websites. So, here I an combine the two.

I still don’t like the editing – LiveJournal is simple, you just type and post.

Still debating the service – will give WordPress a chance – a more thorough chance, to see if I like it enough to continue using it. So far though, everyone that would read this blog are either on Facebook or LiveJournal. Now I’m getting a headache…


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I’m new to WordPress so please bare with me while I figure out how to work this new gadget.

It seems like everyone is using WordPress. That’s fine, it’s just odd that people are using WordPress as websites. WordPress as a website intrigues me so I’m playing around to see just how far I can go with that concept.

So… I’m taking the largest website I’ve ever created and seeing how I can use those pages here. I’ve created all kinds of websites from mundane to gaming to hobbies etc. My largest website is my SCA persona website because it includes a lot of information I’ve gathered for researching Norse history.

Before I end this intro – I should mention my reason for calling this site Dragon’s Quest. My husband and I met because of our mutual love for dragons and in particular we met because we both wrote for a Pern Fan Fiction club we belonged to. We were both thrilled when we were able to tell Anne McCaffrey in person that she was responsible for us finding our soulmates, because that’s what we are. We finish each other’s sentences, we know what the other is thinking and feeling, and we knew that we will always be true to each other. In Eb I have found a love that is beyond ‘True Love’, it is a love that shall last forever and will surpass eternity. He and I share a life of adventure, love, hopes, dreams and Dragon Quests…

Now, for this WordPress venture… Here we go, if you’d like to comment please go ahead. I can use all the help I can get!

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